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Innovest BC

Recycling Today for a Better Tomorrow!

Innovest is a leading and reliable brokerage company for all of your scrap metal needs.  We deal in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal, Scrap Lead Batteries –auto and steel-case and other Scrap Lead Products, HMS 1/2, Catalytic Converters and Copper.  

Our goal is to establish and maintain long term relationships with reliable suppliers and buyers ranging from individuals,  to small and large companies including scrap yards, recyclers, salvage yards, mills and smelters by consistently providing fast, prompt, and reliable professional services to our recycling community.

We pay top dollar and pay CASH for your loads, no terms.  Our trucks will arrive at your facility on-time, and pick up the load at our expense.

We work with domestic smelters and are a direct shipper to overseas consumers to ensure we can provide our customers with the best possible price for their products.

Innovest guarantees that all of our practices fall within the standard guidelines set forth by the EPA. 

We fully comply with EPA regulations and take these regulations, laws and guidelines seriously, and work "by the book".  At your request, we will provide our clients with
Acknowledgement of Consent (AOC). We also indemnify you from any future liability and you will be covered by our $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.  

We are concerned about the environment, and we take steps to protect it. Our facilities comply with the EPA’s standards, and we handle and transport all scrap metal in a responsible manner.  

Our unparallel service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning...